Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

As the connected vehicle continues to be developed, traditional cyber security methods will not be enough. Eventually systems get compromised and a solution is needed that can circumvent the malicious attacks in real time. This requires a change in thinking as the industry has primarily been only concerned with safety and now has to deal with malicious attacks at a moments notice.

A new approach is needed, an architecture that can:

  • Detect an attack in real-time
  • Correct malicious attacks in real-time
  • Remove the attacker from causing further harm and thus healing the system


Akimbo Technologies has developed a fault tolerant peer-to-peer system that is resistant to hacking. Initially developed for the gaming industry to detect online cheating of multiplayer games, it has been found that the patented core technology is an ideal solution to mission critical applications such as the autonomous vehicle and the connected vehicle.

In today’s vehicles, over hundreds of processors are performing specific tasks, from stability control to managing your GPS system. As we move towards the future, the connected vehicle architecture opens the internal network of said vehicles to all kinds of cyber attacks. Malicious attacks can easily take advantage of lax security and force the vehicle to perform actions not intended. A vehicle that is hacked could be used in coordinated terrorist attacks – a single hacked vehicle could have serious implications to the auto industry, especially if there are fatalities involved. The public relations nightmare and the lawsuits that follow could cripple the industry.

We can take all the precautions we want, but eventually hackers seem to break through. Case in point: the WannaCry ransomware attack that affected 150 countries in May 2017. Thus, traditional methods of building firewalls, intrusion detection and encryption will not be enough and we must assume that the vehicle will eventually be hacked.


Akimbo Technologies fault tolerant distributed computing is the only solution that addresses the security needs of the autonomous and connected vehicle by:

  • Detecting an attack in real-time
  • Correcting malicious attacks in real-time
  • Removing said attacker from causing further harm, thus healing the system
  • Surviving a targeted Denial of Service (DoS) attack

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