About Us

Akimbo Technologies is an innovative company meeting the needs of our clients in the gaming industry by developing a distributed networking middleware for multiplayer games.

Our primary focus is to create a secure networking middleware that is cheat resistant and will eliminate the costs of multiplayer gaming hardware and bandwidth consumption. Pushing the boundaries of multiplayer gaming technology, our team has been recognized as being at the forefront of innovation within the industry.

We are a nimble, agile start-up armed with a solid understanding of large corporate processes and know-how. Opening our doors in 2015, our team is comprised of several highly successful individuals with experience in technology, video games, CG animation, film production and global entrepreneurship. Behrouz Poustchi, a serial entrepreneur leads our team as CEO and Founder of Akimbo Technologies. Behrouz revolutionized the telecom industry by developing real-time peer-to-peer call processing – a technology for which he holds over ten patents. Overall, our team has a wealth of experience bringing fault tolerant distributed computing to life, and are well poised to bring our projects out of development and into the hands of millions of users worldwide.

Akimbo Technology is a self-funded company with assistance from IRAP for the development of our fault tolerant distributed networking solution.